Food is certainly not overlooked here at the Fiji house, as we are extremely lucky to have the best chef in the Greek system. Hot lunch and dinner is served every Monday through Friday, as well as on Sundays. The extensive menu contains a wide variety of meals that Chef Dave takes great pride in preparing. 

Cold breakfast is also served Monday through Friday, which features a cereal bar, toast and bagels, oatmeal, yogurt,  eggs, and fruit. Drinks including water, milk, coffee, tea, and Gatorade are available at all times. 

The dining room is expansive, housing two long, rectangular wooden tables, seating over 100 people. It provides a family-style dinner atmosphere, unique to the Fiji house, allowing members to sit next to someone new every night. That being said, nothing beats barbecues out on the big front lawn, which happen every week during the spring and summer and are a highlight of the rush program. The Fiji house is one of the only fraternities on campus with food service all 12 months of the year. 


Brother Involvement

Chef Dave is assisted by a Kitchen Manager, as well as numerous "rag crew" members, who are members of the house that are compensated for completing tasks such as washing dishes, making "late plates" for anyone who can't make dinner on time, putting out breakfast, and cleaning the dining room and kitchen.